Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't Make Me Get Out of the Car

Ben and I ran a 5k yesterday.  It was our first of the season.

I have not been doing a ton of running,  hoping to heal whatever pains in are in legs.

We awoke to a downpour.  Every bone in my body wanted to stay in bed!  Ben convinced me to at least go to the race and see what the weather was like when we got there.

This was the scene as we sat in the car:

I don't wanna.

We grabbed our umbrellas and walked to the tents to pick up our packets and our tshirts.  We then walked to the car to drop this stuff off.  As we sat there, the rain slowly came to an end.   We donned out timing chips, shed our sweatshirts, and headed to the start.

Amazingly enough, I survived.  Not the best time ever - 30:13 - but it just sets the bar higher for the rest of our 5ks this summer.

We like to keep up a regular schedule of races, and have one planned for each month between now and November.  Goals are good, and maintaining a race schedule keeps me out there.

I don't really run to race; I just compete with my mind.  Just keep going I often tell myself.  Slow down if you have to but no walking.  I "placed" 225th out of 502.  That is good enough for me!

As soon as we got back to the car, the rain started again. Perfect timing!

We headed to Great Harvest Bakery, and had some bread to refuel us.  I love their High Five Fiber and stocked up with 2 loaves as well as a multigrain loaf.  I had a slice of the cinnamon chip, but did not dare buy any. That to me is a trigger food; I just know I would cut off a hunk, slather in butter, and then be back for more...and more...and more.

To complete the morning,  Ben and I went to Whole Foods.  I can't get over how much money I spend when I go there.  Part of it is because I buy things like Fage for $1.99 each (they have a lot of the ones with fruit that I cannot get at my local store) but I also get fresh fish and meat there that I normally don't get.

A $14 bottle of B-complex and a $10 jar of coconut butter did not help with the final total either, but all so worth it to me.

We headed home and scrambled to get ready for a wedding reception.  Scrambling was required because of a little too much putzing by me in Whole Foods.

I love this dress and the ruching; ruching makes everything better!

Now, here is some advice.  Do NOT drink a lot of wine and not eat enough.  Maybe the warning should be don't do a 5k and then go to a wedding reception.   Maybe I should have paced myself better.

Let's just say I came home, crashed and then drank lots and lots of water.  Ben took good care of me.

I invite everyone to listen to a radio program that I will be on Tuesday evening.  It is on 8pm East coast, 7pm Central and 5pm West Coast time.  Info can be found here.  (Thanks Karyn for doing all the work.)    

It is bound to be a fun and perhaps crazy show with Lynn, Karyn and I all trying for the spotlight!

That's all from me for now.  Just wanted to check in with the blog world!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Kel, I'm really proud of you that you didn't let rain stop your run.I know you would have run in it had it not stopped.
    Cute dress and I have been there with too many Flaming Dr Pepper shots. Hubby took very good care of me. That was a long, long time ago, but the thought of drinking one now makes me nauseas. Glad to see your back in the Blog world. Come back more often.