Sunday, May 1, 2011

Living Outside the Box

I cleaned out my baking cabinet today.

I purchased 3 different canister sets from various sellers on Etsy.  I also purchased these cool chalkboard stickers to label them with.

A girl that loves to bake has to have a lot of different flours and sugars, ya know?

I was quite pleased with myself!

In cleaning out this cabinet, I came across this recipe box:

I have 3 recipe boxes full of cards typed out by my mother over the years.  She had everything nicely organized.

This box contained the diet recipes.  There was only a small part of the vast collection of diet recipes my mother had.  She was always trying something new.

Well, always isn't really accurate.  We (the whole family) were either ON a diet or we were OFF.  There was no real balance in our lives.

I live my life differently than they did.  Not that the way they lived their life was bad; they just did not, well, know any better.  Their family doctor said eat less, exercise more.  That was as far as the advice went.

I live my life outside a box...I don't have recipes that are for when I am ON or OFF.  I find a way to incorporate all of it into my life.


I went to the grocery store yesterday.  Among the other items needed were bread.  I love Great Harvest bread, but sadly, it just isn't convenient.  I examined the various loaves on the shelves, all wrapped and declaring what they had to offer - whole grains, double the fiber.  As I read the ingredients lists, sadly there was a lot more in most of the loaves than what I wanted.  I declared I would make my own.

I have made my own bread before, but knew I wanted something heartier than just wheat bread.  I found this recipe for Seeded Bread, and, oh how good it is!

In addition to the seeds she uses in her recipe, I added sunflower kernels and pepitas.

Here are the nutritional stats:

nutrition facts

Yes, the calorie count make it higher in calorie than what you find on the grocery store shelves.   I know every ingredient that went into it and I control the size of the slice.

If you look carefully, you can see the steam rising off the hot slice!

This is not Great Harvest, but it is a damn good bread!



  1. I have got to make this bread - it looks so amazing. (Better than the picture on the recipe link!) Your cupboards make me want to go to etsy. Kel.....

  2. Looks so good, Kel. The cupboards and the bread. I love the wood recipe box, so vintage.

  3. Here's to living outside the box! It's like coloring outside the lines--it's not only much more fun, but it just makes sense when you really think about it!

  4. Love the recipe AND the story. When my mother passed on, I found a wonderful 50's era cookbook that my godmother had put together...all her family recipes from living on a ranch in Missouri: talk about lard! There are a few that can be modified without too much damage. Its just the link to the past, I think, that makes me hold on to it. Fred and I are in a baking mood, so this goes on my list!

  5. Looks so good, and oh - the canisters...add one more thing to the wish list!

  6. Kel - how much (of the other seeds) did you add?

  7. I used 1/4 cup each of the other seeds. I think the recipe could even handle more seeds!