Saturday, March 26, 2011

So How IS it Going?

It has been almost 4 months since I have stepped on the scale. Ben hid them in mid-December, and I decided to continue not weighing myself for a year.

So, here is a little recap.

I feel great.  I am no longer working out because the scale tells me to. I AM working out because it is good for me.  Am I getting to the gym 4 times a week.  Hell no.  Am I working out hard when I do work out?   Yes.  Today Ben and I went for a run.  Instead of stopping at the end of the park (3.5 miles according to my handy Garmin) I kept going.  We went 4.2 miles.  My left hip is hurting some; I have been working on not crossing my legs as a friend of mine explained the impact that can have.  I am listening to her. However, it is damn hard.  I always cross my legs!  This is a real adjustment.

Anyways, the hip hurt at the beginning of the run, but got better.  The first 3 miles were ok, but I really bonked during the last one plus mile.  My prerun snack was a piece of white bread and Crofter's jam, but this was apparently not enough!

Anyways, I do feel really great!  Each week when Nutrimirror tells me it is time to record my weight, I am doing it based on how I feel, how my clothes are fitting.  I am not doing this when I am trying to lose weight. I really do just want to tighten up as best as I can, as well as not feel deprived.  I have been quite successful at that! Ben and I go out once a week, I am eating WHOLE eggs a few times a week, I drink, I eat...sometimes all on the same day!

I joke with Ben that I have gained 10 pounds, but we all know that is not true.  I went shopping yesterday and today and think I look damn good.  I am not saying that because of a huge ego (believe me).

I feel amazing.  My energy is good.  My skin is glowing.

So far so good!

I like to take pictures when I try on clothes!
I bought this one - SALE!  


  1. LOVE the dress Kel - it looks great on you! I want to go shopping with you again; one measly trip through the MGM Grand Mall was not enough.

  2. Kel, as always, you look stunning. You always find the cutest clothes. Id love to shop with you just once. As I said not long ago on a post, I love that your growing your hair out.
    New outlook, new you, new stunning bod, new days! Gotta love it all.

  3. You look great !