Sunday, March 6, 2011



They taunt me.

They beg to be added, poached, to almost everything I cook it seems.

I think we had eggs with dinner 4 nights last week; one of those nights was at a restaurant.

See, they are following me.

As I lay in bed this morning, I thought about our breakfast options. Eggs, of course, came to mind. But if I have an egg for breakfast, I can't have the Bok choy and egg pizza for dinner. Well, technically I could have it, but knew it would make my logs screaming red.

Pancakes? Oatmeal? Cereal? Every option simply was too sweet. I wanted something savory.

With Lynn's challenge to eat more veggies I wondered how I might incorporate some into my breakfast. Spinach and poached eggs. A natural fit.

Yet I have no english muffins, no bread even.

What's a girl to do?

Why, cheesy grits of course!

I ended up making quick cooking grits, added in a little butter and cheese, topped with sauteed spinach, and topped with my beloved egg.

I nixed the bok choy and egg pizza; instead I am making one with cannellini beans, caramelized onions and sage.

It will be a fruit and veggie fest the rest of the day, along with a delicious m.o.m. scone too!

Lesson learned here? How to have your egg and eat it too.

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  1. What are the orangey dots on top? I love grits, and I'm so happy my frozen north friend eats them. Cheese grits are even better. This looks so good!