Monday, February 28, 2011

A brilliant use for Bok Choy!

I had purchased baby bok choy at Trader Joe's last week.

My friend Lynn was raving about it, and I had every intention of making the recipe she had recommended.

I like to try new vegetables, new foods.  A recommendation by a friend is a great way to go.  Had she recommended fried scorpions I never would have tried it, but this just made sense.

I had to mention the scorpions; I am addicted to the show An Idiot Abroad.  Watch it.  It is brilliant!

Anyways, the only ingredient I seemed to have for Lynn's recipe was the bok choy.  I guess it will need to be tried another week.

So, yesterday I headed over to

I found this recipe.  It had everything I could ask for.  Pizza.  Bok choy. Eggs!  I had all the ingredients so it was a no brainer!

I made my own pizza crust.  I normally use Lynn's recipe for that as well, but was not sure how it would work without rising. I ended up with this recipe.  Lynn - will yours work without rising time as well?

I won't go thru all of the details, you can read those in the recipes.  I did make 2 changes; in with the bok choy I added some sliced leeks that I needed to use up. And with pizza I HAD to add the anchovies!

Here is the result:

The eggs were just past runny.  So good.

I have a similar piece ready for lunch tomorrow!

Work with me.  Make this.  Please!

Here are the stats, minus the leeks and the anchovies.  (The anchovies will increase your sodium count!)

nutrition facts

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