Monday, January 17, 2011

Ben Stop Eating!

I need a soup picture!

Try it despite the lack of color!

Let me tell you...I am so happy I made this soup yesterday!  I love having dinner ready to go!

Bran biscuits pulled out of the freezer last night made this a perfect winter night meal.

My work is easy tonight; the recipe for this Clam Chowder can be found here!

I think it is better tasting today than if we had it yesterday.  

Here are the stats:

nutrition facts

After I had recorded the recipe. I had to go back and check my entries.  Look at that iron content!  It is the clams!

I am concerned about the entry I had made for the clams; I wish after I had drained them that I had weighed them.  I had not done so, so I used the weights from the cans.  You do realize that they include the liquid as part of the weight, just like tuna does.  As a result, I may have overstated the clams.

Any way you calculate it, though, it was delicious!

Have a good night!  I am making mine an early one!


p.s. Guess I will enjoy this for lunch tomorrow...or maybe last night's dinner.

Love the options.  I always make more than one meal's worth so that we have leftovers!

P.p.s I just remembered; while I did use the bacon grease for the veggies, I did not use the bacon as a garnish. The 2 slices of bacon are not included in the stats!

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  1. It is comforting to read all your disclaimers in this post. I love clam chowder - thanks!