Sunday, January 16, 2011

What NEEDS to Get Done Today

I woke up with thoughts and words swimming through my head; thoughts of what to have for breakfast were in there too.

Breakfast was easy; oatmeal with banana, pumpkin, granola and almond butter.  Theoretically, I should now have enough energy to move a mountain.

I think I slept okay, but these words were bouncing around.  I have a presentation to give, and was working last night on memorizing it.  Thus all the noise.

So, I am going to use you all today to make my list of things I need to do today.

  • Cook the beans to go with dinner.  That one was a little too easy to put on the list and cross off, as the beans are already cooking on the stove.
  • Cook the amaranth for the amaranth souffle on Tuesday.  Not familiar with amaranth?  Check it out here.  (My friend Lynn makes a delicious breakfast with amaranth. This is the reason I had it in the house in the first place.  Check out her recipe, but come back, ok?)
  • Make the Clam Chowder for Monday's dinner. Wow, is THAT going to be good tomorrow night!
  • Make the Fennel and tomatoes for tonight's dinner.
  • Keep memorizing, memorizing, memorizing.
  • Go to the grocery store. Stuck to the list and the budget!
  • Write an outline for another project I am working on.
For now, I am going to finish my second cup of coffee.  I am going to check back throughout the day, and, hopefully, keep crossing things off the list!

Have a great Sunday!

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