Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gimmicks of the Past

I headed to the grocery store this afternoon.

I am having friends over for dinner tomorrow, and needed to get the ingredients for the Crock Pot Beef Stew I am serving.

I love the grocery store and really enjoy my trips. I always have!  A soy latte in hand, I get to slowly meander my way around the store.  I am not a person that enjoys the quick trips on the way home from work, however.  Too many stressed out people trying to figure out what to eat.  When it comes to my food, I am a planner.

I needed frozen peas and pearl onions for the stew, so into the freezer section I headed.  I am not one to frequent this aisle unless a recipe calls for it.  I prefer fresh over frozen.  What a snob!  Actually, it is generally the sodium I am avoiding.

I digress.

On past January 1sts of my life, I would eagerly head over to the freezer section.  After all, the WW Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines were usually on sale!  Today was no different; it was the Smart Ones.  Cheap, quick, and as I have come to learn, far from nutritious.  Low in calorie, perhaps even too low, and loaded with sodium.

As I left this section, I thought about how my trips to the store are so different now than before.    I used to stock up on the frozen meals for me, and then I would hunt down whatever pre-made meal kit was available to feed the rest of the family.  Now, I come to the store armed with my list; I love groceryIQ on the iPhone!  I generally have one or two recipes a week I like to make that will be dinner and leftover lunches.  I can control the ingredients, the sodium, and really the taste.

Tonight TJ (my youngest son) requested salmon, so I picked up a salmon that I will cook in the oven.  A drizzle of olive oil with a touch of fresh cracked pepper, sauteed spinach for me, green beans for them, and yams all around.  I might just sneak a few of the green beans onto my plate as well.  Funny; sneaking food off their plates used to mean stealing Kraft Mac n Cheese!

As I prepared and english muffin with peanut butter and jelly for lunch, I could not have been happier.  It was so nice to really be able to say farewell to the Smart Ones today.

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon!  Headed out shortly to go bowling!

See ya!

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  1. I love PBJ. If you peek at my logs, my hubby says I am going to turn into peanut butter and banana. I love it and eat it on wheat bread. I think I will try the English muffin, it sounds good. I haven't found a low calorie English muffin here in Louisiana and I love them, but I will keep looking. I thought I saw a commercial advertising a mini muffin, maybe I dreamed it?? Hope you won your game!