Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Week's Specials Are...!

I want a chalkboard in my kitchen.

I want to write on it what we are having each night that week.  I am so excited about this week's plan, I want to be able to look at it every day, and cross off items after they have been consumed and enjoyed.

Until then, this will serve as my virtual chalkboard.

The Magazine Roulette was actually not roulette.  Sitting on my coffee table, untouched, was my latest Cooking Light Jan/Feb 2011.

I had a goal in mind as a reviewed recipes this week.  Keep the shopping list small, and use items I already had in my freezer and pantry.  I had a few ideas already in mind; I have a long list of recipes already bookmarked from my cruising on tastespotting.

I proudly present to you this week's chalkboard, without the chalk dust.

Sunday: Remember the fennel I ended up not using last week?  It is going into  Tomatoes and Fennel with White Beans.  I have made and enjoyed this recipe before.  I had purchased some Rancho Gordo 
Flageolet beans this week at one of my favorite shops.  I had gotten this recipe from a Rancho Gordo news letter, and they recommended these beans to go with it.  I am already drooling!

Monday:  I am keeping in mind that on Mondays, I seem to be dragging my butt a little more than any other night of the week.  With that thought, I am going to keep Monday really easy!  How?  By making Monday's dinner tomorrow.  

I had seen the recipe for Simple Clam Chowder on Kath, but I am going to use the original recipe she had adapted.   I already have all the ingredients, except for one additional potato.  

Tuesday: Amaranth Souffle.  This could be interesting!  Again, I already have all of the ingredients.  Doesn't everyone have amaranth in their pantry?  I will cook the amaranth tomorrow in anticipation of Tuesday.

Wednesday: Migas.  So easy, so delicious.  Remember, it is dinner for one night.  This is a quick combination of basically a corn tortilla, a scrambled egg, cheese, jalapeno, tomato and I add some black beans.  I need to buy the cheese and jalapeno.  Hopefully I can find an avocado that is not rotten because it is awesome with this.

Thursday: Finally, using the Cooking Light for a meal.  I barely read the magazine.  Once I found this recipe, I figured I would stop looking until next weekend!  Pork Tenderloin with Red and Yellow Peppers; this recipe was part of their 20 minute Cooking Series.  Let's see if I can do it!  I need most of the ingredients, but it looked too good to pass up.

Friday: Baked Scallops Gratin.  I had purchased scallops last week at Trader Joes.  No additional ingredient needed!

A few items are on the list, and other than those, I just need the usual suspects; bananas, skim milk, apples, veggies for side dishes, grapefruit (I have had one every day this week!) and sugar.  Yep.  I did a lot of baking in December and I am now out!

Hope you are excited about your meals for the week!

I think we will hold off on a picnic for now!




  1. Wish I could be this organized. I'll keep reading and maybe some will rub off on me.

  2. A blackboard in the kitchen sounds awesome. I am going to look into this. How organized you are!