Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

I love Sunday breakfast, rather Sunday mornings in general.  They are very lazy mornings.  I believed this recipe for Baked Oatmeal would fit in quite nicely with my Sunday morning. It is prepared the night before, then you just pop it in the oven that morning.

Okay, here was my first mistake.  You have to wait 40 minutes.  So, do I get up earlier than normal so that it is ready when I am truly ready to get up?  Do I get up, put it in the oven and go back to bed?  Or, get up, then wait impatiently for breakfast to be ready, in the meantime consuming what would amount to breakfast anyways.

I ended up waking at the normal time, which on Sundays is a rather late 9am by many peoples' standards.  I scurried downstairs, got it in the oven, set my phone as a timer, and went back to bed. I was feeling lazy, and it is cold here, so I simply was not ready to be out of bed!

Timer goes off, and I now eagerly bound down the stairs to examine my creation.

Are you as underwhelmed as I was?

I am not sure what I was expecting, but this was not it.  After I tasted it, I knew it wasn't it.  That is about the time that I told myself that if you expected brown sugar cinnamony goodness, perhaps you should have put some in the recipe?  

Don't get me wrong.  It was not inedible.  It simply was not what I had dreamt of waking to this morning.  I made the best of it.

Topping it with greek yogurt, blackberries and honey took it from "meh" to "not too bad!"

When Ben sat down with his, I giggled because it looked nothing like mine.  He basically used his as a base for, what did I call it? A porridge.  He had his broken up into bits, and added dried fruit, granola, honey and almond breeze.  I have to tell you - his was good!

Here are the nutritional stats.  When I calculated the serving size, the original recipe had said 9-12 servings.  I said yeah, right because she obviously does not know how much I like breakfast!  6 servings come to:

nutrition facts
Courtesy of my friends at Nutrimirror

Considering I struggle often with getting enough calcium and iron in my day, this was a good way to start.  Hmmm. That's an idea.  Next time I am adding blackstrap molasses.  That will bump the nutritional stats even higher!

As for the rest of my morning, I will be sitting here on the couch, convincing myself that I need to go to the gym.  Considering that my planned dinner of chili, cornbread and southern greens is quite calorically dense (nutritionally too) I won't have to work too hard to convince myself to go.

Ben just brought me a second cup of coffee.  He knows how lazy I like to be too!

Will check in with chili later. Can't wait!



  1. Husband made oatmeal here for us this morning. It wasnt as fancy as yours and Bens, but it was good and I ate every bit while watching the news in my warm bed. It is sleeting here and it is a lay day. I know what ya mean about curling up on the couch with your laptop and a warm drink. Hot cider for the hub and I and another Rodeo is on the RFD channel for him, so life is good! Enjoy the chili. My chicken hasn't begone to thaw for my soup, so I may not have it tonight....Do I hear a grown on the other end of the

  2. Hi Kel!

    I guess the baked oatmeal isn't for everyone. It really is like a richer version of plain oatmeal, not spectacular by any means, but wholesome and filling, and tasty - especially if you dress it the way you like to dress your oatmeal. :)

    I just tried emailing you a code for a copy of my app (iBooster).

    Happy Sunday!